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What's TPR-1000 Packet Replayer?

The most realistic, flexible and advanced

pcap/malware replayer designed to test all network devices.

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TPR-1000 Packet Replayer

Product Key Features


Stateful replay of pcap files from client/server ethernet ports.

Preserve application integrity, especially when it has multiple TCP/UDP sessions.

Run in cloud or on bare-metal host.

Most realistic simulation of clients and servers, work with major vendors.


Replay pcap files of types .pcap, .pcapng, with and without VLAN, linux cooked mode.

Can test in differnet network environment: switched, routed, NATed, proxied.

Support replaying of malware files over transports HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/FTP/SMB.

Arbitary configuration on the test interfaces, with no chance of confliciting with management interface.

Support for Docker and RESTful APIi makes it easier to integrate into current test framework


Support network device that terminates TCP or TLS connections.

Support evasion at IP/TCP/HTTP level.

Support fuzzing, IP spoof, TCP split handshake etc.

Fast replaying of huge malware files.

Dynamic update the payload data when they are related to IP or port.

TPR-1000 Packet Replayer

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About Us

We Think in Packets!

TeraPackets has formed a partnership with CyberRatings.org (formally NSS Labs).

Terapackets, based in Austin, TX, provides vendor-neutral, rigorously proven testing tools to leading equipment manufacturers and testing organizations. We "think in packets" and partner with leading experts to provide advanced packet testing, analysis and other continuous validation offerings. Rapid completion time, modern evasions and the ability to run malware files over multiple transports are some of our differentiating qualities.

TeraPackets is being used in the Cloud Network Firewall test currently underway. The testing technology is also used in testing Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), Enterprise Firewall (formerly referred to Next Generation Firewall - NGFW), and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems (IPS / IDS).

TPR-1000 Packet Replayer tool will be used in upcoming Cloud Network Firewall Test.

How It Works

  • Configure the client and server IP subnet and it will not affect management network.
  • Replay a single file or a directory of source pcap or malware files.
  • Result in CSV format.
  • Support Full TCP/UDP network functionalities.
  • Speedy replay a large library of source pcap or malware files with configurable workers.

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